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AWICO Test – General Terms and Conditions

  1. The AWICO test serves to aid the progress of poorly qualified people, who are seeking professional advancement, re-orientation or further development. For this reason the test is exclusively available to organisations which aid the professional development of this target group.
  2. Interested organisations must apply for supervisor access from the AWICO agency through the website. There is no entitlement to such access. The agency reserves the right to decline requests and to block previously arranged supervisor access if there is doubt that the organisation is not using the test in the way described above.
  3. The AWICO test must take place imperatively in the context of individual mentoring. The advisor is obligated to discuss the results contained in the written advisor feedback with the test participant and highlight their opportunities for development of competences which were less advanced according to the test result.
  4. Test organisations and their advisors are obligated to treat the individual test results as confidential. The written advisor feedback must not under any circumstances be passed on to the test participant, a third person or other organisations.
  5. The test certificate is the personal property of the test participant. Whether it is added to a personal dossier is the sole decision of the test participant.
  6. Every test participant may only carry out the AWICO test once. The test result remains stored in the databank under the individual user-number and can be verified there if required. A repeat test is only admissible after a minimum of one year and only following targeted assistance measures. Repeat tests be applied for and reasons stated to the AWICO agency.
  7. If an organisation breaches these terms and conditions, disregards data protection or missuses the AWICO test, the AWICO agency is entitled to block advisor access with immediate effect. 
  8. The individual test results will be stored in the AWOCO databank. The AWICO agency has exclusive access to this databank. Information about the stored data will never be given out.
  9. For scientific purposes the agency is authorized to make the results available to the AWICO group of experts in anonymous form. The group of experts may use the results exclusively for the further development of the AWICO test. Further scientific analysis is only possible in agreement with the agency and in compliance with data protection.
  10. Individual appeals against the test results are not possible.
  11. The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of the AWICO agency.

As on 4th July 2011




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